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Apr. 4th, 2008 @ 04:29 am Witness the Resurrection....
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I see the pretentious overbloated title caught your attention. I am still here. Still breathing, still eating, still, apparently, typing.

First off, I must offer apologies to everyone. This community is my child, sired with my most cherished friends, and I have been one big dead-beat dad. The wise man once said, the first step toward recovery is acknowledging that you have a problem.

Here I am, I admit I've neglected my e-duties.

Absolve me.

This, of course, does not mean that I'm going to actually stop being a dead-beat, but come on, you're lucky I got this far into the post.

I definitely want to know what everyone's been up to lately - that means you, Anthony the Great! Rachel, I hope you are surrounded by cute fluffy objects with love-filled jowls.

A little about me:

Since I last appeared on LIvejOurnal [sic] way back on June 27, 2007 [!] I have:

1. Seen a handful of awesome movies.
2. Purchased several dozen awesome and ridiculously over-priced DVDs.
3. Earned gainful (albeit part-time) employment at WTVH-5 in Syracuse.
That's right...The DREAM is ALIVE
4. Descended into the depths of Tartarus, surrounded by living corpses and the wayward souls of evil men. But they renamed it the Sheraton. Ulysses ain't got nothin' on me.

So much has changed, and yet, too much has stayed the same. The hounds of hell are on my heels and I hope to soon shake them off for good. Gonna break the chains and put a smile on my face once again.

So drop me a line, Fellow Travelers. And in the meantime:

This is an update of a post from December 2005 of a post from April 2004:


Favorite Genre: '04 - Big Guns, Bigger Boobs
'05 - Headless Nursery Rhyme-Reciting Sorcerers w/Boobs
'08 - Fire-Breathing Dragons Disguised as Angelina Jolie (Boobs included)

Least Favorite Genre: '04 - Whiny Teen Drama
'05 - Anything Made by Anyone who is Friends With David E. Kelly
'08 - Michael Bay

Favorite Comedy:
'04 - Gung Ho by Ron Howard/Michael Keaton
'05 - Family Guy: Stewie Griffin, The Untold Story
'08 - Multiplicity by Harold Ramis/Michael Keaton

Romantic Comedy: '04 - The Apartment by Billy Wilder/Jack Lemmon
'05 - Love Actually
'08 - The 40-Year-Old Virgin by Steve Carell/Paul Rudd/Seth Rogan/Judd Apatow

Teen Comedy: '04 - American Graffiti by George Lucas/Richard Dreyfuss
'05 - Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle
'08 - Catch Me If You Can by Steven Spielberg

Drama: '04 - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Milos Forman/Jack Nicholson
'05 - The Aviator by Martin Scorsese
'08 - The Prestige by Christopher Nolan

Action: '04 - Raiders of the Lost Ark by Steven Spielberg/Harrison Ford
'05 - Batman Begins by Christopher Nolan/Christian Bale
'08 - Beowulf by Robert Zemeckis/Ray Winstone

Conspiracy/Suspense: '04 - JFK by Oliver Stone/Kevin Costner
'05 - The Manchurian Candidate (2004)
'08 - my day job

War: '04 - Apocalypse Now by Francis Ford Coppola/Martin Sheen
'05 - Revenge Of The Sith by George Lucas/a mannequin
'08 - The Thin Red Line by Terence Malik

Horror: '04 - Alien by Ridley Scott/Sigourney Weaver
'05 - American Psycho by Mary Harron/Christian Bale
'08 - Halloween by Rob Zombie (funniest damn movie ever)

Foreign: '04 - Amores Perros (Love's A Bitch) by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu/Gael Garcia-Bernal
'05 - La Jette by Chris Marker
'08 - Throne of Blood by Akira Kurosawa

Documentary: '04 - Sans Soleil (Without the Sun) by Chris Marker
'05 - Koyaanisqatsi
'08 - STILL Koyaanisqatsi (that movie FUCKIN' PWNS!!!!)

Favorite Actor(s): '05 - Anthony Hopkins, Michael Keaton, Bill Murray, Christopher Walken
Now - Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Robert Downey Jr., Ben Foster, John Krasinski, Heath Ledger, Daniel Day-Lewis, Gary Oldman, Ray Stevenson

Least Favorite Actor(s): '05 - Freddie Prinze Jr, Ryan Phillipe
'08 - Tom Hanks, Jude Law

Favorite Actress(es): '05 - Dana Delany, Kate Beckinsale
'08 - Cate Blanchett, Eva Green

Least Favorite Actress(es): '05 - Tori Spelling, Tara Reid
'08 - Anybody on The Hills/Laguna Beach

Which actor/actress impresses you every time? '04 - George Clooney
'05 - Christian Bale
'08 - Heath Ledger

Which actor/actress always makes you laugh? '04 - Will Ferrell
'05 - Seth MacFarlane
'08 - Rainn Wilson

Top acting performance of all time? '04 - Robert Shaw as Quint in Jaws
'05 - Andy Serkis as Kong in King Kong (2005)
'08 - Daniel Day-Lewis as Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood

For the Film Kids
'05 - Koyaanisqatsi by Godfrey Reggio, a thoughtful meditation on the dichotomous, yet symbiotic relation between nature and technology
'08 - The Prestige by Christopher Nolan, a thoughtful meditation on the dichotomous, yet symbiotic relation between magic and science

Best Romantic: '05 - When Hitch brings his date to Ellis Island in Hitch.
'08 - When Casanova buys his lady a pig in Casanova.

Scariest: '05 - When Darth Sidious screams "UNLIMITED POWER!"
'08 - When The Joker screams "Come on! HIT ME!!"

Funniest: '05 - When not finding the droids he's looking for really grinds Peter Griffin's gears in Family Guy
'08 - When Daniel Plainview drinks Eli's milkshake in There Will Be Blood

Makes you cry every time scene: '05 - When the clones execute order 66
'08 - When Beowulf cuts his own freakin' arm off to tear out the heart of the beast!

Last movie you saw in the theatre: '05 - King Kong
'08 - Definitely, Maybe

Last one rented: '04 - Darkman by Sam Raimi
'05 - Naqoyqatsi by Godfrey Reggio
'08 - Who needs to rent when you can own EVERY KUROSAWA FILM FROM CRITERION!?!

Last movie watched: '05 - AVP
'08 - CopLAnd by James Mangold

Last movie purchased: '05 - MARATHON MAN!!!
'08 - Turok: Man of Stone

Favorite movie quote: '05 - "I once fought for two days with an arrow through my scrotum." Said by Liam Neeson in Kingdom of Heaven
'08 - "Sushi? That's what my ex-wife used to call me." Said by Harrison Ford in Blade Runner: The Theatrical Cut

Favorite movie poster: '05 - Batman Begins, with Batman holding Rachel; intense, romantic
'08 - The Dark Knight, with The Joker facing away down the street, holding a knife and a playing card; mysterious, menacing

Favorite Film Soundtrack: '05 - The Aviator by Howard Shore; intricate, ambitious
'08 - Raiders of the Lost Ark by John Williams; boisterous, sweeping

Best Movie you've seen: '05 - Batman Begins
'08 - The Dark Knight (in the future I build a time machine and travel back to verify this for my present self)

Worst movie ever: '05 - The Cave by some stupid idiot
'08 - Cannibal Holocaust by a good case for abortion
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